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TTi Ltd.




We’ve seen Japan go through many changes. Not only have the Japanese changed, but our perception of Japan and its people have changed as well. We’ve have seen the Japan of geishas and cherry blossoms, the growing of “Japan Inc.,” the rise of the invincible super samurai and now the current image of “Japan passing.” However, what hasn’t changed is the erroneous conceptions that both the Japanese and foreigners have of each other.


We hope that at TTi we can help change these erroneous perceptions whether through our translations or data search services. 


TTi started in October of 1988 as a provider of translation and data searching services. Since then, we have helped both companies and individuals handle the “information gap” between Japan and the rest of the world. 


Though we continue to do the above work, we have diversified to make use of our numerous contacts gained over the years. Consequently, we have redefined ourselves as a global services company for creating strategic alliances.