Big data is big news. But what is big data, and how do we use it? By virtue of its "velocity", "volume", or "variety", big data cannot easily be stored or analyzed with traditional methods. Spreadsheets and relational databases just don't cut it with big data. 


For consumers, big data plays an enormous role in providing valuable services such as Siri on iPhone, Yelp for finding a restaurant, Spotify for recommending stuff for your ears, Netflix for movies or Amazon for books. As you can see, big data plays an enormous role in providing valuable services. But it does this invisibly by taking huge amounts of information from several different sources and distilling it into just two or three things that give you what you need.

And what about businesses? How do they use big data? Let's take Google Search for example. Because of your past history of searches, Google can easily figure our what products or services would match your profile and throw up adverts together with its search results. This is possible due all sorts of information that is potentially available in one form or another. 


Of course, TTi is not on the scale of these behemoths. We tend to work on a more human scale with our clients. Our clients tend to know what they want but do not know where to begin a search. In some cases, they know where to find the information but they don't have the skills or time to find the data they need. That's where we come in. We can find the data that they need.

Besides search for data, TTi can also help clients find new sources of customer leads. By using public information, we can help our clients to form the basis for customer-based data. With such data, you'll be able to gain a competitive insight as to who your potential customers are and where your opportunities lie.

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