TTi Spells International Success


• Document translations by e-mail and fax

• Interpreters for conferences & meetings

• Technical writing

• Software localisation

• Film/video subtitling

• Narration

• Annual reports


Translations for Success


As international opportunities increase, so does your demand for foreign language expertise.


TTi can satisfy your translation needs, regardless of their nature, deadlines or locations. We can provide written translations in most industrial and commercial fields.


TTi’s translation services are cost-effective and reliable. We render accurate translations by hiring subject-specific translators who have many years of experience in their respective fields.


We translate only into our native language and we take pride in being able to convey the spirit as well as the substance of your text into a different idiom, according to different conventions.


Videos, flyers, manuals, brochures, annual reports, correspondence. Whatever materials you have, TTi will produce clear and cogent translations that will allow you take advantage of your opportunities long before your competitors. 


If you’re seeking translations that make a difference, we offer you a distinct advantage – translations you can immediately benefit from.

This is why our customers continue to seek our skills. And why we can help you make decisions that stand the test of time.