“They know their stuff!”

K.H., SBA Consulting Group, Japan


“Knowledgeable, clear and eager to make the information basically useful.”

S.P., British Embassy, Tokyo


“I commend them for the time and energy to preparing the data.”

R.D, Japan Market Resource Network


“Very useful. Glad I worked with them.”

A.S., Akzo Nobel K.K., Japan


Information for Success


There is an unbelievable amount of information available on all kinds of subjects, if you know where to look. People ask us all kinds of questions...


What is the size of the digital camera market; how many were sold; what are the trends by model type?

How many roses (as cut flowers) were sold last year?

We are going to talk to a rice miller (about rice imports)... give us an overview of the rice market?

What companies are involved in human supervised robotics?

Develop a profile of this Japanese pharmaceutical company... its products, factory locations, awards it has received, publicly known research in progress, any publications that may relate to their manufacturing methods and philosophy.

Find out what our competitors are doing at the trade show and if possible interview them.

Who is the leading importer of beer? ... Obtain literature, prices, quantity, and distribution channels.

E-mail us an article on VoIP systems in China.

What products are consumers using to help them find relief from pain?

Investigate reports of policy changes in TPP and how it will affect food import laws.


We found and delivered the above to satisfied clients. Stop banging your head against the wall and e-mail us your request.

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